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dorothy howard

Dorothy Howard (Yakima, WA 1991) is a writer and researcher who spent her early life in Mount Vernon, WA. She received a BA in History from Reed College in 2013, and is currently a Doctoral student in Communication at the University of California in San Diego (UCSD). Dorothy is part of the Feminist Labor Lab under Professor Lilly Irani. Her areas of research include: labour, digital rights, online communities, crowdsourcing, syndicalism, journalism, digital publishing, design, and contemporary art.

Dorothy has media and art criticism, as well as fiction published in DIS Magazine, The New Inquiry, Rhizome, Canadian Art, Adult Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, Mask Magazine, The Daily Beast, The New Criticals, Adult, and Vol. 1. Brooklyn, among others.

She also was the Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Metropolitan New York Library Council from August 2013–March 2015, and worked with galleries, libraries, and musuems on open access projects, and organized instructional technology workshops in the New York library systems. She has lectured and participated in panels internationally at the Rutgers MLIS Program, the Columbia Butler Library, the Chemical Heritage Foundation, Wikimania London, Wikimania Mexico, Theorizing the Web, the Northwest Film Forum, and UCLA School of Design Media Arts, among others.





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dorothy howard