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Dorothy (Yakima, WA, 1991) is a Ph.D. student in Communication at UC San Diego. Dorothy is part of the Feminist Labor Lab (FLL) and Design Lab under Professor Lilly Irani. Her interests span widely around the cognitive and material aspects of participation and work in information societies. This includes: post(de)colonial critiques of information production, HCI, social computing, decentralization, information activism, syndicalism, the history of volunteering, archives, and contemporary and digital art practices. Dorothy is from Mount Vernon, WA. She received a B.A. in History from Reed College in 2013. Before grad school Dorothy lived and worked in New York, NY as Wikipedian in Residence at the Metropolitan New York Library Council, an assistant archivist for a private art collection specializing in modern art archival appraisals, and as a freelance archivist. She has also worked as an art writer, editor, and consultant, notably at Consumer Reports. Over the years, Dorothy has enjoyed manual labor and service as a farmers market fish seller, gas station attendant, barista, waitress, wine & cheese deli specialist, farmworker, movie theatre attendant, and artist assistant. Dorothy publishes the the Arachne webzine with André Fincato.

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